Membership Application and Renewal Form 2021-22

If you are Renewing your Membership, please ensure you sign and date the form.

If you are applying for a new Membership, as well as signing and dating the form, you need a current member to Propose and also a current member to Second your application.

Nomination For Director Form for the two (2) Years 2021 to 2023

To Nominate a Club Director for the two (2) year period starting AGM 2021 and finishing AGM 2023, as a current club financial member, please print the form and complete the top section as the NOMINATOR. Please don't forget to sign this section.

Then have a current financial member complete and sign the middle section as the SECONDER.

Then have the person being nominated complete and sign the lower section.

Then return the completed form to The Club Office by 5pm Monday 16th August 2021.